Daughter-in-Law…………..A Love Letter

On  my one and only Granddaughter’s first birthday, I want to write a love letter to her Mother, my Daughter-in-Law!  Having been told by my wonderful blogging coach, that the first word of your title must catch the attention of the IMG_0167reader, I thought this would be the most universal, blockbuster choice!  But, for those of you who are hoping to get a Dr. Phil type list of complaints, STOP READING NOW!

On the contrary, my Daughter-in-Law is possible the most loving and wonderful Mother I have ever seen in action, and that would include me.  She and my son are one of those great couples, everyone loves, both very successful at their chosen careers, waiting for just the right time to have a baby. However, as we all know now, getting pregnant can then become a career.  There has been enough talked about in articles and on television that I don’t need to say anything else on that part of the story.

One year ago they became the parents of what is, of course,  the most beautiful, most charming, smartest and most loving baby on the planet!!!  I can use these words because, A) I endured hearing them from at least 100,000 of my closest friends and B) as her Grand Mother my principal job in life, is to act as this wonderful child’s PR agent!

But, this post is really for my Daughter-in-Law, who is again, the most devoted parent ever.  She no longer works, and I know sometimes she must miss that terribly as she had a very creative and stimulating  job.  She gives that same devotion to the baby and has the patience of a saint, she is  so calm and even-tempered.  I have never even seen her look Charlie Ransackageslightly exasperated, not with the one piece of food for me and one for the floor routine we all remember all too well or the I can crawl WHERE EVER I want act!  She seems to have made this little girl feel so secure, that the baby is quite adventuresome for a one year old.

I doubt that I ever had or will have her patience and can only be glad that my three kids turned out as well as they did!

Most of all I want to thank her for this wonderful child and the pleasure it is for me to watch someone truly blessed with the gift of Motherhood.  To be able to watch a Mother in action, not as a child myself, because we really are unaware or can not recall our own early childhood.  Not as a parent because we really have neither the time nor the ability at that point to stand outside of ourselves and see how we are really doing.  Through watching D-i-L,  just can’t write it out again, *please note I am using no names here to protect the innocent.  I am getting to have the feelings of a child experiencing unconditional love!

So on this very special day, thank you for letting me be part of your wonderful journey and now, I suppose I must throw my son in here somewhere, so thank you, for picking such a great mate!


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