if you are going to write a blog it might be helpful to actually understand the internet!  But, alas, just when I think I have it down, something is lost forever.  I understand my “voice” must be authentic.   I am struggling with that premise, for, although I had no trouble speaking about personal feelings to groups of 50 or 60, the thought of a million people reading anything I’d written so freaked me out, I felt exposed somehow.

I find in my life, a trail of little clues always add up to something I need to learn.  First clue was Saturday morning, I woke up, went into my kitchen and turned on CNN, there was Ali Velshi and his money report, not usually my favorite topic, but he was live at SXSW.  For the uninitiated of you, which included me up until that morning at 11:10, SXSW, which stands for South By South West, is some huge deal in the tech community!  It would seem, that all major apps, and music, and blog ideas come from this conference.  (Note to self, next year we go to Austin).  I settled in and watched the show which was fascinating in and of itself.  One important lesson, all creative geniuses consider their product or service in the BETA stage even after launch, so you never need be afraid to put your project out there as it can always be changed!  Now, there is a load off my shoulders!!

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